Monday, 16 January 2012

CG Elements

With the virtual environment created and the footage shot and tracked, it then came time to populate the scene with CG elements.
The over all look that I am going for with this shot is a kind of fantasy futurist vision of Bristol. So, naturally there will be flying cars and large buildings. The composition of the original shot allowed for a number CG elements to be discretely placed within the scene. Here is a small example of a few of the elements I am currently working on and how they will fit into the final shot.

The above image is a tower that I modelled a while ago, but for this project there have been a few issues with texturing which I am currently working through.

The tower is situated amongst other sky scrapers at the end of the street and into the distance.
All of these elements have been lit using the Mental Ray Physical sun and sky illumination. This gives a very realistic representation of where the sun is placed and how it illuminates the geometry. All elements are matted making the final comping job possible.

As promised, a flying car. All elements reflect the environmental geometry, with the environments primary visibility hidden.

Once all these elements were in place I did a quick playblast to check the track and how it all fit together.

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